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Hot Chocolate Nibs - Dark Chocolate

Hot Chocolate Nibs - Dark Chocolate

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Create a delicious & chocolatey hot chocolate in the comfort of your own home using our Hot Chocolate Nibs. 

This superb hot chocolate is made from our 75% cocoa dark chocolate from the remote island of Makira which is an eastern island of the Solomon Islands. The rich volcanic soil in Makira provides us with a chocolate that has a rich and complex flavour with gentle hints of grapefruit, raisin and caramel overtones.

Instructions:  To use, simply mix 8 heaped teaspoons of hot chocolate nib into 200ml of hot milk, or milk alternative. Make it into an ultimate hug-in-a-mug by adding whipped cream and a chunky marshmallow. 

Weight: 250g.

Ingredients:  Solomon Islands cocoa (cocoa beans, cocoa butter), unrefined sugar, emulsifier: sunflower lecithin.

Allergens are highlighted in bold. Handmade in a chocolate studio that handles all 14 known allergens. 

Best enjoyed before: December 2024

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