About me


This is me, chocolatier, chocolate engineer (yes, it’s a thing) and Hollychocs creator, Holly Garner.


Growing up, I was always asking difficult questions.  What’s that? How does it work? Why does it do that? By the time I reached secondary school I had developed a fondness for maths, science and all things practical.  Throw in a love of chocolate, bordering on obsession, and my future was beginning to look sweet.


After graduating with a degree in Chemical Engineering (followed by a brief spell in management for a leading supermarket) I joined Cadbury where I eagerly applied the principles of chemistry, physics and maths to improving production and solving the trickiest of chocolatey problems. 

During my time with Cadbury, I was responsible for many iconic brands including the Wispa Bar (and its bubble technology) and Cadbury’s Caramel.  In fact, my stint in charge of caramel production went so well that I was sent to Australia to oversee theirs.  

I have two great passions in life; chocolate and people.  So, after marrying the man of my dreams and starting a family it was a fairly safe bet that my sights would turn to running my own chocolate business. 

As a chocolatier and business owner my aim is simple, to produce exceptional chocolates and build a business I can be proud of.

Holly X