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Chocolate Menu

Award-winning Chocolates:

  • Chewy Caramel - Bronze Award 2021 - Academy of Chocolate
A dark and delicious chewy caramel balanced with a sprinkle of salt and a crunchy layer or toasted micro-cereal. (M) (G) (S)
  • Blackcurrant Split - Gold Award 2021 & Chocolate Champion - Taste of the West
The zestiest of blackcurrant get layered with creamy Tahiti vanilla ganache. Enrobed in Tanzanian dark chocolate. (M) (S)
  • Lemon Meringue Pie - Gold Award 2020 - Taste of the West
Layers of a pillow-y-soft Madagascan vanilla marshmallow (V), zingy lemon ganache and a sweet, flaky pastry base. Literally a lemon meringue pie in a bon bon! (M) (S) (N) (G) (E)
  • Merry Cherry - 2* Award - Great Taste
Beneath the thin Tanzanian dark shell you'll find cherry pate de fruit layered with Tanzanian ganache.  (-) (Naturally vegan)
  • Champagne Truffle - Gold Award 2021 - Taste of the West
A smooth, light and delicate Marc de Champagne truffle hand rolled in a milk chocolate shell with a sprinkle of sugar. (M) (S) (A)
  • Icelandic Lava Salt Caramel - Silver Award 2021 - Academy of Chocolate, Gold Award 2020 - Taste of the West & 1 Star Great Taste Award 2019 - Guild of Fine Food
A deep, rich and sensual caramel seasoned with Icelandic lava salt. Encased in our stone-ground Madagascan dark-milk chocolate shell. (M) (S)

Seasonal Chocolates:

  • Pumpkin Spice Caramel
With hints of cinnamon, allspice and Madagascan vanilla, these delicious spiced-pumpkin caramel is held within a Madagascan milk chocolate shell with a dark base. (M) (S)
  • Toffee Apple
We hide a golden nugget of cinnamon toffee inside an apple and toasted white chocolate ganache before encasing it in a Madagascan milk chocolate shell. (M) (S)
  • Coffee & Walnut
Layers of espresso caramel (brewed using single-estate Brazillian coffee beans from the Devon Coffee Company) and a crisp walnut praline, all encased in our milk chocolate. (M) (S) (N)
  • Marmite Truffle (Ve)
Known for being either loved or hated, we think it pairs incredibly well with our dark chocolate. This bitter-salty-sweet delight is hand-rolled in a dusting of cocoa powder. (Naturally vegan) (G) (C) (S)


Classic Chocolates:

  • Sweet Vanilla
Our signature white chocolate & vanilla ganache encased in a 50% cocoa Madagascan milk shell. (M) (S)
  • Caramel Crunch
A centre of caramelised white chocolate and toasted micro-cereal balls encased in a shiny white chocolate shell. (M) (S) (G) 


 (M) = Milk, (S) = Soya, (G) = Gluten, (E) = Egg, (N) = Nuts, (P) = Peanut, (C) = Celery, (A) = Alcohol