Summer Chocolate Menu

 Strawberry & Black Olive

Smothered in dark and distinctly fruity 70% dark chocolate from Sao Thome, Ecuador and the Ivory Coast, this Mediterranean-inspired chocolate hides a rich almond paste with oily-black Greek Kalamata olive pieces, and a layer of Peruvian dark chocolate and wild strawberry ganache.

Lemon Posset

Inspired by one of my favourite desserts, this Ivory Coast milk chocolate shell holds a zesty lemon ganache and is complemented by a touch of blackcurrant coulis. 


This dark chocolate ganache brings an intense bitterness rounded with sharp and acidic fruity notes. In chocolate production, cocoa beans are harvested, and the pulp and pod are normally discarded. This chocolate is a 70% cocoa dark chocolate meaning the remaining 30% is sugar. In this special chocolate, the sugar has been extracted from the pulp/flesh of the cocoa pod! Making the ingredients entirely from the cocoa pod fruit - hence Wholefruit! 

Tropical Tequila

Sail to Polynesia with this tropical beauty.  Hidden beneath a sea-green white chocolate shell lies a boozy heaven of mango, passion fruit, Teremana Tequila (Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s very own), lime and white chocolate ganache. Aloha paradise! (Oh and, you're welcome!)

Virgin Pina Colada

Layers of mouth-watering pineapple gel and creamy white chocolate coconut ganache sit inside the shiniest 35% cocoa white chocolate shell complete with a Caribbean blue-sea swirl. 

Icelandic Lava Salt Caramel

Inside the crisp, glossy Ivory Coast milk chocolate shell you’ll find a silky-soft, buttery caramel seasoned with volcanic salt.
Holly was Cadbury’s caramel queen but she has taken her own caramel to the next level with this sensual, triple award-winning salted caramel.

Dark Gianduja

A combination of freshly ground hazelnuts from Piedmont in Italy, Tanzanian dark chocolate and a sprinkle of English sea salt. 


Beneath the thin dark chocolate shell is a naturally vibrant green Iranian pistachio and white chocolate duja.

Raspberry Lemonade

A fruitilicious ruby chocolate shell hides a zingy lemon, raspberry and ruby chocolate ganache and a popping candy base for that lemonade fizz. 

Mrs Whippy 99

Take a milk chocolate hazelnut praline with crushed ice cream waffle cone, covered it in soft Madagascan vanilla cream ganache and pop a sprinkle of  crumbled Ivory Coast milk chocolate flake on the top.  Anyone else humming Greensleeves?


Madagascan vanilla and white chocolate ganache topped with a zingy passion fruit, mango and apricot compote. 

Dark Caramel

Silky-soft, buttery caramel seasoned with volcanic salt encased in our 70% cocoa dark chocolate. 

Blackcurrant Split

Fill a 72% cocoa dark chocolate cup with Madagascan vanilla cream ganache, add the zestiest of blackcurrant gels then drizzle with a thin layer of dark chocolate.  A grown up twist on a summertime ice cream favourite.

Caramel Crunch

Madagascan vanilla & white chocolate shell filled with caramelised chocolate and toasted micro-cereal balls.

Honey & Passion Fruit

Bee-autiful local honey and milk chocolate praline layered with a passion fruit and honey pate de fruit.