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Seasonal Chocolate Box
Seasonal Chocolate Box
Seasonal Chocolate Box
Seasonal Chocolate Box
Seasonal Chocolate Box
Seasonal Chocolate Box
Seasonal Chocolate Box

Seasonal Chocolate Box

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My chocolate boxes will contain a variety of season-themed chocolates, award-winning chocolates, and some classic chocolates. 

Each season I redesign and engineer my chocolate menu. I handmake each of my chocolates in micro-batches in my Chocolate Studio in Wiltshire. 

I have won over 30 awards for my chocolates and am a proud Great Taste Producer, however, my best achievement has been creating chocolates that customers want to hide from anyone else. So be warned, if you are gifting these, they might not be shared! 

Box Size Information:

Choose from a 4-piece ((e)60g), 9-piece ((e)135g), 16-piece ((e)255g), 25-piece ((e)355g) chocolate box.

A 4-piece and 9-piece box will contain a selection from the menu, a 16-piece box will include a full selection of the menu and a 25-piece box will contain at least one of each chocolate from the menu.  

 Shelf-life information:

Chocolates are best when consumed within 4 weeks of the order. If you are ordering them for an occasion, please use a delivery date close to the date you require them so that you can enjoy them for longer.

Allergen information:

Allergen information is listed in the menu card image: (M) = milk, (S) = soya, (N) = nuts, (G) = gluten, (E) = egg

Please note: my chocolates are made in my chocolate studio which handles all 14 known allergens. 

Other key ingredients information:

(Ve) = naturally vegan friendly. (Al) = contains alcohol.

All of our chocolates are suitable for a vegetarian diet.

Ingredient List:

cocoa (cocoa beans, cocoa butter), milk powders, sugar, cream (milk, carrageenan), butter (milk), glucose, raspberry, strawberry, blackcurrant, lemon, orange, sultana, almond, hazelnut, mint leaves, earl grey tea leaves, marc de champagne (alcohol), creme de cassis (alcohol), alcohol, sorbitol, maltodextrin, chicory root fibre, flour (gluten), gluten-free oat milk, MCT oil, orange blossom water, rose water,  egg, agar agar, vegigel, xanthan gum, cinnamon, nutmeg, natural peppermint oil, Tahiti vanilla. 

Handmade using ethically-sourced ingredients in my Chocolate Studio:

Hollychocs, Unit 1, Poulshot Lodge Farm, Wiltshire, SN10 1RQ