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The Ultimate Egg
The Ultimate Egg

The Ultimate Egg

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The Ultimate Egg is made from milk chocolate and is loaded with our customers' favourite Hollychocs. 

Our chocolate eggs are handmade using 43% cocoa milk chocolate made from Ivory Coast & Vietnam cocoa beans. This milk chocolate holds notes of caramel, roasted cocoa and cream. 

Each egg half is hand-painted with naturally coloured cocoa butter before being loaded with Honeycomb, Hazelnut Pralines, Multi-award-winning Icelandic Lava Salt Caramel Egglets, Homemade marshmallow chocolates and Chocolate Pebbles. 



 Weight: (E): 500g

Packaging: We've carefully thought about our packaging. Each egg is hand-wrapped in easy-to-recycle aluminium foil before being hand-tied with a ribbon. Presented in a black lidded box with biodegradable & recyclable shredded paper.   

Ingredients: Cocoa (Vietnam cocoa beans, Ivory Coast cocoa beans, cocoa butter), whole milk powder, sugar, cream (milk), butter (milk), molasses, glucose, honey, Piedmont hazelnuts, water, pasturised free-range egg white, Icelandic lava salt (salt, activated charcoal), pork gelatine, baking soda, cream of tartar, sea salt, sunflower lecithin, soya lecithin, vanilla. 

Colour: derived from natural origins

Best enjoyed by: 10th May 2023