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Easter Bunny
Easter Bunny

Easter Bunny

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Our Half & Half Easter Bunnies are made from 2 chocolates - the best of both worlds!

Half 43% cocoa milk chocolate and half 32% cocoa white chocolate. 

Each purchase comes with 1 Bunny and 3 golden popping candy mini eggs. 

 (E): 85g 

Contains: Milk + Soy.

May also contain traces of nuts, peanuts, egg & gluten. 


 Weight: (E) 85g

Packaging: We've carefully thought about our packaging. Each bunny is sat on a nest of biodegradable shredded paper, hand-packed into a biodegradable/compostable bag made from potato starch before being closed by easy-to-recycle card.   

Ingredients: Cocoa (Vietnam cocoa beans, Ivory Coast cocoa beans, cocoa butter), whole milk powder, sugar, carbon dioxide, lactose (milk), sunflower lecithin, soya lecithin, vanilla. 

Colour: derived from natural origins

Best enjoyed by: 10th September 2023