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Make your own Easter Egg Masterclass - 8th April 2023

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Join Holly for a chocolate-filled morning of fun and learning.

In the class you will:

- Decorate an Easter Egg Mould

- Collectively temper some chocolate 

- Learn how to fill and line an Easter Egg mould

- Make chocolates to fill your egg with

- Release your egg from the mould and learn to stick it together

- Package your egg beautifully, ready to take home


Also, why not have a complimentary hot chocolate to start your morning and choose from our range of different flavours. 

All this and you can leave the washing up to us.

Class start time:  10am. 

Duration: 2 hours Approx.


£30.00 per head ( All children must be accompanied by a responsible adult, Please see our Terms and conditions for more information)