Tommy's Heavenly Eggs

*Tommy's Heavenly Eggs*

Hello Chocolate Lovers,

From time to time, engineers make errors too! And this is me holding my hands up to mine. 

In January I had a wonderful idea of creating a 'creme egg' replica without as much sugar. I tried it the year before with a white chocolate ganache and mango compote, and it went down a storm. This year I challengened myself further  wondering how it would pair with our Madagascan vanilla marshmallow recipe. I tried it out in January and it was scrumdiddilyumptious!

My family agreed and my son called them Heavenly, hence the name. 

So, how did I make an error... well, it comes down to science over time. 

The shelf life of our marshmallow is 2 months. It is actually very stable but can dry out when exposed to air after that time. The shelf life of our compote is 3 months. Both have passed the test of time before. However, when the two are put together, the chemistry of the 2 parts affect each other and cause deterioration over time. 

The acidity of the compote causes the marshmallow structure to break down causing moisture migration. (It actually weakens the gelatines duty within the marshmallow which is to hold it's fluffy structure and lock in the moisture. The acidity impacts vegigel (used in our vegetarian version) even faster.). It will affect the texture and the shelf life of the Tommy eggs over time. 

I pride myself in carefully engineering chocolates to perfection. Working with science and maths to create little pieces of excellence. 

But I must hold my hands up and confess that at this stage of the Tommy Egg life span, they are certainly no longer Engineered to Perfection. 

At this stage, if you have any left please dispose of them and let me know. I will, of course, compensate you with some of my chocolates that are indeed, Engineered to Perfection. 

Chocolatey wishes,
Holly x