One a penny, two a penny... Hot Cross Bun!

"What a fantastic seasonal treat, we would certainly seek these out again next Easter. An absolute WOW!  Beautiful chocolate encasing a delicious centre." Taste of the West Judges 2022

When I saw WOW in capital letters on my feedback statement from the award-judging panel at Taste of the West, I actually fist-pumped the air! 

I set to work on the development of this chocolate last year with the vision to sensually transport you, my lovely chocolate-loving customers, to memories of moments enjoying a freshly toasted hot cross bun with a spread of salted butter on a sunny spring day with a loved one. 

With many households sampling hot cross buns from various supermarkets, in search of their favourite, I just had to recreate this spring-time treat in a chocolate. 

My Hot Cross Bun chocolates have a centre of toasted white chocolate ganache, gently spiced with cinnamon & nutmeg before being studded with micro-pieces (which are of course hand-chopped) of candied orange peel and sultanas. Enrobed in rich milk chocolate, decorated with a sprinkle of cocoa and a white chocolate cross. 

I launched the chocolate within my Easter range last year and it was adored. In fact it was a chocolate, just like my Icelandic lava salt caramel, that made your eyes roll. So I knew I had to send it into the judging panel at Taste of the West to see what they thought! 

Hot Cross Bun Chocolates - Gold Award-winning

Well, they awarded it Gold!

The judging panel assess my chocolates on their appearance, scent, mouthfeel, texture and taste. 

They told me my Hot Cross Bun chocolates "looked phenomenal", and "the aroma was fantastic! When the box is first opened you are greeted with the warm comforting smells of Easter. The cinnamon and nutmeg are strong and delightful, the chocolates really do live up to their namesake – they smelt just like freshly warmed hot crossed buns."

When I read that part of the feedback, I knew I'd hit my design brief! 

The judges went on to say my chocolates are "pure luxury.  We cannot praise the sheer quality of these enough, so silky and smooth, they melted in the mouth. Each chocolate had a little piece of fruit in the middle, be that orange or sultana which added a tiny little bit of bite and a zing of sweetness, just as you might find in a hot crossed bun."

"WOW!  How this company has managed to make a chocolate that so perfectly matches a hot crossed bun really is impressive. The blend of spices that they have used is very clever and the little zingy bite from the fruit is wonderfully complimentary."

My Hot Cross Bun Chocolates are currently part of my Spring Chocolate Menu which is available until 30th April. After that, it is sadly goodbye until next year!

You can order them as part of my Spring Seasonal Chocolate Box or select a whole box of Hot Cross Bun Chocolate by selecting them in the Your Choice Chocolate Box

If you do order, do let me know what you think.

Chocolatey wishes,

Holly x 

p.s. My favourite 'real' Hot Cross Bun is from The Little Bakehouse in Devizes!